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COVID-19 Information

Bacteria and Viruses, like the Corona Virus, are microorganisms that can affect the health of a building and its occupants. Viruses are unique organisms in that they are not, strictly speaking, alive. Viruses don’t reproduce but replicate by invading living cells and then turning those cells into virus factories. Viruses are too small to be seen with a regular microscope. They invade a live human, animal, or plant cell to derive the energy for survival.

Our Methods

We have dedicated personnel with experience in the proper techniques to move through a facility and identify and sanitize touchpoints that could be contaminated. We use professional equipment and EPA-approved methods to sanitize and clean areas of the business.

Sanitizing – Active Case

If you have a confirmed case, we recommend a full sanitization of the entire area. This ensures we reach all points the affected person may have had access to.

Sanitizing – Preventative

If you have not had a confirmed case but are concerned, you can have a professional team come in and do the initial sanitization of the building and touchpoints. Staff members can maintain touchpoints to follow up on your efforts.

What to Expect

We will come out and provide a full quote so you understand what is involved. We use EPA-registered Disinfectants and Virucides, giving you, your staff, and customers peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do viruses spread?
Mainly through touchpoints in a contaminated structure then touched by someone and hand to mouth or eye contact is made.
How long do Viruses survive?
Every virus mutation has its own life span, but some evidence shows Covid-19 can last up to 17 days in the right environment.
Wetter environments tend to give longer life spans.
How do you protect yourself?
Good hygiene through washing hands.
Avoid touching your face.
Self-quarantining if you have symptoms of sickness.
Covering your mouth in the crease of your elbow when coughing.
Keeping disinfectant wipes available for use in multiple areas of the facility.
When should I hire a professional to sanitize
As preventative efforts, if the facility has a lot of human movement throughout the day, a professional team can perform initial cleaning. The facility staff can maintain touchpoints in follow-up efforts.
A professional quote can help you understand what’s involved, so the response can be faster if you have a confirmed case.
If you have a confirmed case, professional teams in full personal protective equipment will mitigate the spread so normal activity can resume the following day.

Keep your employees and customers safe. Find out more about Absolute's Infectious Disease Control Services.

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